Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Interest in Family Reunion?

Dear Cousin,
A small group is examining the interest in, and viability of, holding a reunion during 2017 of the West Clare Griffin/Crotty/Scattery Island rooted clans.  A Crotty cousin, Kathy Ruther of Connecticut USA, is assisting me with this project.  Kathy’s e-mail address is kathy DOT ruther AT gmail DOT com (edit. trying to avoid spammers)
In order to gauge interest in and plan for numbers likely to attend, you are being canvassed to see if you feel that this is something worthwhile and in which you may be interested.  By expressing an interest, you are not committing yourself to attend.  The idea is for a period commencing on or about 20 May.  June, July and August tend to be expensive in Ireland.  The proposed travels in Clare include Kilbaha near Loop Head (from where the Griffins came), Monmore outside Kilrush (from where the Crottys came), Moyasta outside Kilrush (where one of the stay-at-home Monmore Crottys resided) and Scattery Island which has for long been associated with both septs.  This proposed event, if it goes ahead, will afford you a great chance to meet for the first time and catch up with cousins from across the globe, some of whom you don’t even know exist
I also kindly ask you to forward this email to the many descendants, for whom you have contacts, of those Griffin and Crotty families
Please reply as soon as possible, whether you are interested or not, and feel free to put forward any suggestions you may have towards making this a memorable occasion
Your cousin (in Ireland)

Peadar N*****


  1. Count me in! I can't wait to return to the homeland and meet my people.

  2. Hi Cousins will be meeting some of the Griffins from Scattery Island this coming week and doing a 12 Ydna test. Count me in and if I can assist in arrangements, then count me in. Gerald Griffin. Prefer to deal through email so any Griffins out there please contact me on Have a happy Gryphon day.

  3. I might be interested. My ancestor was Kate Crotty "from out the west" (so more in line of where you say the Griffins came from (would be interested if someone could point me to Crotty historical info). How do we subscribe to the blog to get updates?

  4. Hi from Australia. I am interested as we have other travel in Europe soon after 20 May. I have visited Scattery Is and Kilrush in 1992 and 2002. Please keep me informed. Email is . Thanks Denise Ives (related to Fran Carroll, of Melbourne.

  5. Hi got a letter years ago wondering if anyone knows if or when the next family reunion is in Ireland